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All About Smartphones and Prepaid Wireless Services



Welcome to Phone Rush News Page

Finally a page all about smartphones and prepaid wireless smartphone service. 

While this page is primarily dedicated to news about smartphones and prepaid wireless smartphone services, other topics on this page will include the following

  • Smartphone Repair
  • Android and iPhone APNs and APN Writting
  • Smartphone Unlocking
  • Prepaid Services- Especially MVNO's
  • iPhone Vs Android Smartphone Comparisons 
  • Prepaid Internet - Also a service sold at Smartphone Stores
  • Smartphone News
  • Smartphone Apps
  • Smartphone Wholesale
  • Root Files and Firmware for Samsung Smartphones. 

PrePaid Wireless Services 

 Over the past 10 years, the prepaid wireless industry has grown exponentially. Recent growth in prepaid wireless service provides consumers with hundreds of options to choose from. In the beginning, between the years 1999 and 2009 there was Metro PCS and Boost, if there were other services, nobody heard of them. 

While Metro PCS and Boost were well known, a great deal of their customers were very unhappy with both the lack customer service, and the service itself, including the selection of smartphones.

Around 2009 to 2023 other services came along. Simple Mobile, Net10, PagePlus Wireless, H20 Wireless, Ultra Mobile, Lyca Mobile and a few others. As of this writting there is about 5 new services coming out every month, many of them fail and never get noticed, so our focus will only be on the larger more established brands. 

In our Prepaid Wireless Services topic area we will keep you up to date on matters such as What is the best and worst prepaid wireless services to go with and why. 


Smartphone Repair

Last year alone people in America alone spent well over 25 billion in smartphone repairs alone. In our smartphone repair area, we will produce and post videos on how to do both smartphone screen repairs and also smaller repairs like internal battery replacement.

Other repairs will include things like simple charge-port repairs and in some cases camera and powerbutton replacements. 

Smartphone repairs are not limited to things like screen, battery, and chargeport. Other smartphone repairs include very important aspects like repairs to the Operating system.

Android and iPhone APN Writing 

What are APN's? APNS is the information a smartphone needs to help you get both your internet and picture messages working correctly. With the rise of all the BYOP ( Bring Your Own Phone) services poping up everywhere, sometimes picture messaging and internet may not work. 

In this section we will talk about things like setting apns, and other settings in your phone so that it will operate on other services the same way it did on the original service. 

APN writting is easy, and anyone with an attention span longer than 2 minutes can both learn it and follow our step by step tutorials on how to do them. 

Smartphone Unlocking

Smartphone unlocking is essential to allowing a phone slated for one network, to work on more than one. For example a T-Mobile smartphone will only work on t-mobile until it gets unlocked, once unlocked a t-moible smartphone will work on at&t, and metro pcs including some other networks like straight talk, h20 and a host of others.

This section will help with getting any smartphone unlocking including certain procedures that must take place before a phone is unlocked or even after.

Also in the smartphone unlocking section, a strong focus will also be on getting smartphones unblacklisted, and in some cases jailbroken as well.

iPhone unlocking is one of the most expensive unlocking processes currently, costing an average of $80 per smartphone, in our section we will will demonstrate how to unlock your iphone for free. If your phone is not eligible for free unlocking, other options for complete unlocking under $50 will be reviewed in this area.

 Prepaid Services- Especially MVNO's

Prepaid smartphone service has grown tremendously sinec the onset of Metro PCS and Boost mobile being the only two pioneers while contract companies were charging a minium of $39 for only 300 minutes back in 2001. While Boost and Metro were the only companies exploring the outer limits of unlimited calling and texting then, they are not the only ones now. Competion between prepaid smartphone companies is in a dead heat right now, meaning no one company is a clear dominating winner. The current level of competition in the MVNO (prepaid) market allows consumers the best options to choose from. Some of the new well known and popular MVNO's that came aloung to compete with Metro and Boost are: Simple Mobile, Lyca Mobile, Page Plus Wireless, Ultra Mobile, Go Smart Wireless, RedPocket Mobile, Net10 Wireless, Straight Talk Wireless, Cricket Wireless, and many others. As of now some of the leading MVNO's are: Simple Mobile, Crickett, Metro PCS, Straight Talk, and Net10. This section will explain the differences between each service, and why one may be better than another in different areas.

iPhone Vs Android Smartphone Comparisons

First came the telegraph, the landline, then the bagphone. Shorty after the bagphone came the huge New Jack City phone:

 Then came the fliphone, shorty after came the Blackberry & Palm Treo. The blackberry and Palm Treo had what seemed like an unstoppable reign from early 1999 ending a decade later in 2010, shorty after the release of the iphone 4. Android had already been in the area with the first iPhone, and the 3/3GS since 2007. Between iPhone and android as of todays writing, there is no clear victor. While iPhone maintains a cult like following regardless of what it releases, android has managed to stay on the innovative end, and in most cases surpasses iPhone in areas such as multi compatible intra device connection meaning androids communicates better with other none non android devices. Iphone has inter-phone communication wherein most iphones only communicate with other iphones or apple devices. This area will talk about areas where iPhone outpaces andorid devices, and vice versa. 

Prepaid Internet - Also a service sold at Smartphone Stores

With the rise of Prepaid smartphone services including MVNO's, there has been little advancement and development in prepaid internet services or private providers of no contract internet.

Around 2007 there was a promising company that went by the name of Clear however it was purchased by sprint and closed down almost immediately. Other wireless options for on the go internet, or prepaid internet include hotspot options, like the T-Mobile, or the Verizon Hotspot, or even the hotspot on your smartphone device.

The problem with the hotspot devices, is that they do not supply a sufficient amount of internet for someone that needs unlimited internet with no contract. In this section, we will scoure the earth, and the internet to bring to you viable wireless options for companies and services that provide unlimited prepaid internet.        

Smartphone News 

In Smartphone News, the most cutting edge information about both existing smartphones, and information about smartphones to be released with be discussed here. 

Smartphones seem to be prevalent with a new smartphone being developed every day, including independent brands. 

This section in smartphone news will keep you updated on new updates for your smartphone, great programs to have on your phone including smartphones not to buy and phones that are purchase worthy. 

Pre release information about smartphones that havnt been released as yet will also be discussed, including to be released smartphones. 

Every smartphone developed seems perfect until they are put to use, in this section, news about good points concerning those devices will be mentioned as well as pitfalls or areas where a smartphone falls short. 

In smartphone news we will even help you to avoid purchasing a clone or the newer look alikes which

Smartphone Apps

Apps are what makes a smartphone smart. Without apps, a smartphone would simply be, well a flip phone, or even the old Bag Phone for that matter. Every hour a new application is being produced and is being submitted to the marketplace. Apps enhance ur experience with phones. With so many apps flooding the marketplace, one major questions is, how do we know which apps are the best ones to have, and which apps should we avoid or discard altogether. 

In this area, nototable apps will be both highlighted and given attention, many other apps will be discussed in detail, while other apps may not make the list. 

Smartphone Wholesale

Where to buy smartphones wholesale, and resell them for a profit is one of the biggest questions in the mobile phone industry. One of the major impediments to buying wholesale products are "Middle Men". If the industry could be cut into a pie, 95% of the people posing as wholesale providers would be middle men, and 5% would actually be real authentic wholesale providers. The widely most purchased used wholesale smartphone is the Apple iPhone, followed by the Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, BLU and many other brands. Over the years Phone Rush has specialized on narrowing down how to identify real wholesale providers, how to determine real wholesale prices, where to look for wholesale used smartphones, and importantly where not to look. Over the past 10 years, through trial and error and real world experience, our company has the scars to prove we have withstood the jungle, defeated all the lions, tigers and bears in getting to the 5% of real wholesale providers. Many wholesale providers for used smartphones do not make themselves apparent, and will not be found operating in an open space like the internet. A brief description of their company info may be available on the internet however, only 1% of that 5% operate in such a fashion. In this section of the blog, wholesale providers will be revealed, wholesale secrets, and where to buy smartphone accessories wholesale. 

Root Files and Firmware for Samsung Smartphones

Lastly our favorite, firmware, rooting, and modifying samsung smartphones. In this area of our blog information on how to both root, and or restore firmware to a samsung smartphone will be elaborated on. Information and resources such as firmware files, help on unlocking a samsung smartphone using the Z3X module will be spelled out in great detail. Some smartphones seem impossible to mod, update firmware manually and unlock.

Firmwares for different samsung smartphones will be uploaded to our site weekly or by request for some of the older firmwares that dont exist anywhere else anymore. 


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