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iPhone 7 Front Camera & EarSpeaker Repair

Phone Rush

iPhone 7 Front Camera & EarSpeaker Repair

$ 64.00

 iPhone 7 Front Camera & EarSpeaker Repair

Apple iPhone 7 LCD Screen Repair or Screen Replacement 15-20 Minutes | No Appointment Needed

Call Phone Rush To Get Your Repair Today: 770.693.4461


 Is your iPhone 7 giving you problem hearing during call, is there no sound when you are on the phone? you callers hear you but you cant hear them?


You have an ear-speaker and or front camera problem, we can fix this problem. 

Most times there is a problem with the ear-speaker, there is a great chance the front camera is affected too due to the fact they share a common part that governs the functionality of both the speaker and the camera. 


This is called part nesting, because of part nesting, when one part has an issue it affects the other parts as well. We can and will repair it Call US: 770.693.4461

Feel free to come in or call us to get your iPhone repaired.

CALL US: 770.693.4461


Purchase Repair In Store

This Page is for Informational Purposes, the repair will need to be purchased in the local store located at:

Phone Rush

5220 Austell Rd Ste A

Austell, Ga 30106



Our price not only meets but beats industry standard without compromising on quality. 


Parts For Repairing Your iPhone 7

The price includes parts and repair, we only use top quality high end parts to ensure top level functionality.


Other Services We Offer

We not only offer screen repair for apple iphones, however we also offer screen repair for all samsung and most LG smartphones. 

Other services we offer are:

A. Charge Port Repair for iPhone 7

B. Battery Replacement For iPhone 7

C. Speaker Replacement iPhone 7

D. Camera Repair for iPhone 7


If you are searching for iPhone repair near me, or phone repair, you most likely will find our page as we are leaders in repair. 

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