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T-Mobile Unbarring | Unblacklist | IMEI Cleaning

Phone Rush

T-Mobile Unbarring | Unblacklist | IMEI Cleaning

$ 158.88


If you have found this page, most likely, its because you have a device, thats a T-Mobile device, that now says "Emergency Calls Only" or when you go to make a call, nothing happens. 

The good news is that Phone Rush can help get your device up and running again. 

We will unblacklist the device, no matter the reason it was blacklisted. We hate to see devices fill up landfills and contribute to the E-Waste problem due to contractual non payments or failed billing agreements. 


Phone Rush is a GREEN COMPANY", and supports the environment and all things green by both recycling and joining the war on E-Waste. 

Blacklisting devices by T-Mobile and other networks is a terrible measure to get people to make payments on devices they are in arrears in or bought from another person who is in arrears, either way the thier solution created a larger problem, E WASTE. 

Before the individuals pay for thier bill, the will most likey throw the phone away and or sell it to someone that will eventually do the same- CONTRIBUTE TO A STAGGERING E-WASTE problem. 

Get the help you need today. We can and will have your device removed from the Blacklist. Call us at 770.693.4461




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