WHAT PHONE RUSH DOES AND IS ABOUT


What Does Phone Rush Do?

Phone Rush is a used and refurbished smartphone company, that sells high quality smartphones for cheap.

What is Phone Rush on a Mission To Do?

Phone Rush number one goal is to make like used, refurbished and like new condition smartphones more available to over 3.5 Million people in the United States of America before the year 2020.

Because the average brand new "Quality" Smartphone costs $500 to $1000, Phone Rush's direct chief aim, is to save the average customer 35% to 65% off the value of a brand new smartphone by becoming the sole provider of used, refurbished and like new; our company never intends to deal in brand new smartphones. While occasionally we do get brand new phones and offer them at the same low price, it is extremely rare for us to sell or deal in brand new.

What Brands Does Phone Rush Carry and What Providers Are Compatible

Our concentrated goal is to provide refurbished, new and used smartphones from the following brands: Apple iPhone, Samsung, BLU, HTC, Alcatel, and Motorola. Our Phones are Guranteed to work for the four major providers in the United States, while our unlocked smartphones will work with all GSM providers world wide. We aim to serve these four main companies in the US: AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Our smartphones will also work with MVNO's like: Metro PCS, Crickett, Simple Mobile, Straight Talk, Family Mobile, Page Plus, Verizon PrePaid, Simple Mobile, Ultra Mobile and Many More.

Aside From Unbeatable Prices What Makes Phone Rush Different From Competitors?

We also will strive deliver great dependable, consistent customer service on all transactions, by being available, consistent, and giving customers direct access to a live person by not hiding our phone number deep in the details like most sites are doing. We can be reached at 800.377.0738 or emailed at

Phone Rush looks to exceed the industry standard compared to other similar businesses like ours by offering free and fast shipping on all smartphone orders. Our goal is to make sure that every order reaches our customer in 2 Business Days, and in some rare cases 3.

Phone Rush is founded five principles and is the aim of our company to never lose site of

those principles.


                Principle One: Outstanding Customer Service

                Principle Two: Honesty and Fairness

                Principle Three: High Quality Products and Services

                Principle Four: The Best Price Overall With A Direct Goal of Overpowering

                                               90% of Our Competition With Equal or Better Reputation,

                                               Be Equal or Better Quality Products, Return Policies, and

                                               Warranties on Products.

               Principle Five: To Consistently Apply Principles One Thru Four.