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Apple iPhone X Screen Repair Replacement

The Price for an iPhone X Screen Repair Is: $114

Same Day 15 Minutes Express

Call: 770.693.4461

 iPhone X Repair Service  15 MINUTES

iPhone X Screen Repair, iPhone X LCD Replacement 

iPhone X Battery Replacement $89
iPhone X Charge Port Repair $89
iPhone X Rear Camera Repair $148
iPhone X MicroPhone (People Cant Hear You Speaking $68
iPhone X Ear Speaker Repair (You Cant Hear Them) $58


iPhone Repair Near Me

If you are searching for iPhone Repair Near me, or places to repair my iphone, look no further, call us to get your phone fixed in 30 minutes. 

No appointments are necessary at Phone Rush, our brand is predicated on

speed, accuracy, and great customer service. 


All Repairs Come With Warranty

Every repair comes with the Phone Rush 90 Day "whatever you dont break, we will replace". All repairs are recorded and kept on record indefinitely, allowing each customer to easily access past repairs without the need to keep the receipt. Each customer has a personal account at our Brand that keeps records of all the services, repairs, and purchases at Phone Rush. 


High Quality Parts

More importantly than the repair, the Phone Rush brand uses only 

high quality parts. Compromising on parts, will compromise the quality of a 

great repair, most places do not use parts that are considered high quality

and those parts can and will cause other issues with a device. Fundamentally

with cheaper parts they compromise have to compromise on key compoenets o

of the quality for the sake of only a few dollars usually no more than $6-$10 dollars, ruining a device or a great repair experience. 


Fast Speedy Repair

iPhone Repairs at lightning speed, we value TIME. Most iPhone repairs are

unexpectant, most accidents if not all are unplanned. We help by shortening 

the turn around process so that you can stop in and return to your normal day

almost without noticing. Processes are quick, fast, and efficient, we also 

develop our technology overtime to enhance the speed and accuracy of the